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"Every blade of grass has its Angel
that bends over it 
and whispers, 
"Grow, Grow"

                 --The Talmud


Now Available!
"The 8 Myths of
Making a Living...
and the Truth of
Making a Life"
By Mary Lyn Miller

Getting Clear About Your Life & Work

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Are You Headed Toward A Life Of Passion But Need support? 

The truth is, everyone needs support to navigate change successfully - a steady stream of new ideas, brainstorming, information, connections and inspiration to help you successfully meet your goals. One step at a time over an extended period is the most effective way to get what you want.

L&CC Support comes in a variety of forms: small teams held in the homes of certified facilitators in Southern California; individual coaching (by phone or in person, and now, The TeLeConnection Network!

Use these links to explore our support programs and find the perfect option for your needs:

Tele-Connection Network - Group Coaching By Phone

Coaching With Mary Lyn Miller

Team Spirit


The TeLeConnection Network is an affordable Membership Network designed to provide ongoing support, resources, connections and inspiration to those seeking greater purpose, passion and prosperity in their lives and work.  Benefits include regular teleconference sessions, networking and support, membership directory, inspirational e-mails and more!

Find Out More About The TLC Network!

Be part of a support community designed to help you become more passionate and prosperous! 

Does it work?  

"I find that by participating in the TeLeConnection conferences I am able to to
remain more inspired and hopeful about the future. I find it helps to know I am not the only person who desires a more passionate and fulfilling life. I also find that by connecting with others I become more open and aware of possibilities that wouldn't have occurred to me if I'd been trying to figure it all out by myself."

"I was a little skeptical about a support group over the phone. After participating in two calls, I discovered positive things about the TeLeConnection Group. I feel like there are people out there with whom I can relate--there is a certain unspoken feeling of understanding, trust, and unconditional acceptance--so that I don't feel 'weird' about sharing things. The guidance on breaking the goal into small and realistic steps helps me feel confident that I'm moving forward on my chosen path. The accountability and consistency are key: After setting a realistic goal and breaking it down into achievable steps in front of the group, and I am more focused on following through so that I'll have successes to share with them when I report back." 

For additional information, call (310) 378-4417 or e-mail mail@l-cc.com

Find Out More About The TLC Network!



An uplifting team mentorship program developed to support Life Focusing™. Led by trained facilitators, small member groups explore the steps of transition, self-awareness and limiting beliefs in order to create positive new visions and increased self-esteem.

6 Session Increments (Pods in between).
Contact Us for Rates and Information.


In person or by phone.

1 Hour Session.................................................$149.00
1/2 Hour Session (Phone only)..............................$75.00

Coaching with one of our certified facilitators is also available. Please call (310) 378-4417 or e-mail mail@l-cc.com for more information.

Not sure if coaching is for you? Then register now for a FREE 20-Minute Consultation to see how we can help!

For More Information Call:
The Life & Career Clinic (310) 378-4417 
E-mail: Mail@L-CC.com

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(310) 378-4417 
Contact us at Mail@L-CC.com
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